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Weekly News Roundup May 30th - June 5th

Medina Dasayev - Teen Aspect - June 5th, 2022
Rebecca Blackwell/AP

Gun Violence

With the spotlight currently on gun violence, due to the Texas elementary school and Buffalo shootings, more attention is being brought to acts of gun violence. The Gun Violence Archive reported that there were at least 14 shootings, in which there were four or more injured or killed, occurred over the long Memorial Day weekend. After the weekend, on May 1st, a gunman shot and killed 4 people, as well as himself, inside of a Tulsa hospital. These constant shootings are bringing more and more attention to the issue of gun violence and safety. Not only have people demanded that guns be restricted, but have also started to claim that law enforcement does not help in situations of gun violence.

Desantis Moves to Ban Transition Care to Transgender Youth

After Florida Governor, Ron Desantis, made his views on the LGBTQ+ community more clear through recent statements and acts, such as passing the “Don’t Say Gay” law, he continues to make moves regarding the community. On Thursday, June 2nd, Florida Governor Ron Desantis asked the state board to consider banning transitional medical care for minors as well as moving to block Medicaid coverage for transitional care for people of all ages. This act has created more opposition from activists, medical professionals, and the LGBTQ+ community, especially as it is taking place during pride month.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial

After the past couple of weeks, Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard has finally come to an end. Amber Heard, who wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post claiming that she was domestically abused, was sued for $50 million dollars by Johnny Depp. The trial resulted in Depp winning a total of $15 million dollars. However, it is also suspected that Heard is unable to pay this amount of money at this time.


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