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Weekly News Roundup May 23rd - May 29th

Medina Dasayev - Teen Aspect - May 29th
Ukrainian servicemen ride atop an armored fighting vehicle (Reuters)

Texas Elementary School Shooting

On May 24th, a mass shooting at Texas’s Robb Elementary School in Uvalde killed a total of 21 people, 19 of which were children and 2 of which were teachers. The suspect was an 18-year-old who shot his grandmother before making his way over to the school and opening fire with a rifle. The suspect was wearing body armor and barricaded himself in a classroom while police evacuated everyone they could. Before the shooting, the suspect posted guns on social media, Instagram and Tik Tok, with ominous messages. It was also reported that when police did arrive on scene, they were hesitant to do anything. Parents of the children begged police to take a more aggressive approach, and when they didn’t, parents took matters into their own hands and tried to help the children escape from the school. Parents of the victims and the community feels as though the police failed them at that point.

This shooting, once again, highlights previous acts of gun violence, especially in schools, such as Columbine, Stoneman Douglas, and Sandy Hook. With responses from prominent political figures, like Texas Governor Greg Abbott and President Biden. Biden condemned gun violence and begged the question of how many more shootings it would take for legislative action to take place.

Abortion Rights

With the entire country uncertain about the future of Roe v. Wade, Republican leaders have started taking more severe legislative action. While certain state leaders are drafting up legislation that actively bans or restricts abortion and some are preparing to become “abortion havens”, certain states have begun implementing these rulings. On May 25th, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed the strictest abortion ban in the nation into law. Following Oklahoma’s six-week ban passed earlier on, this new bill completely bans abortions with few exceptions to save a pregnant woman’s life and/or cases of rape/incest. It is still uncertain how the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade will affect abortion legislation nationwide.

Ukraine Aid

On May 19th, the Senate approved an emergency aid package of around $40 billion to Ukraine. This relief package is more than the U.S. has donated before and has brought up several issues among Republican lawmakers. The $40 billion will go to Ukrainian and European forces, refugee assistance, and medical help. It will also help restock U.S. inventory of any weapons and other materials that have been previously sent to Ukraine.

Russian Forces

As of May 26th, the Pentagon has estimated that Russian forces have lost around 1,000 tanks and “over 350 artillery pieces”. They have also lost almost 35 bomber aircraft and “more than 50 helicopters” as stated by a U.S. defense official. Though they have suffered severe losses, they continue to invest a lot of their equipment, time, and forces in the war with Ukraine.


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