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Weekly News Roundup June 6th - June 12th

Medina Dasayev - Teen Aspect - June 12th
Jabin Botsford / Washington Post
January 6th Hearings

The selected committee investigating the January 6th crimes recently held its first hearing. This hearing was the first of many upcoming ones that will look into many witnesses and parts of Trump’s team in order to understand Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. At the hearing, they showed footage of the riot and all the violence that ensued. There were violent chants, such as “Hang Mike Pence”, Trump’s own Vice President. They also discussed Trump’s lack of action during the event. As stated, it seemed as though Trump was encouraging this riot instead of trying to shut it off and call off his supporters. These hearings will continue over the next month and the truth about the event will come to light.

Uvalde and Buffalo Victims Testify

On June 8th, and Uvalde victim and other victims’ parents testified before Congress and spoke of their experiences with the shooting. The student victim, an 11 year old girl, claimed that she smeared her dead classmate’s blood on herself and played dead and then called 911 using her teacher’s phone. The fourth grade student claimed that she does not feel safe at school anymore because she believes it will happen again. Buffalo victims were also present and testified about the gun violence they have endured. With emotional testimonies, they begged for the attention of politicians and lawmakers and asked that they make some change before more children are killed.

Desantis’s Anti-LGBTQ Legislation

In addition to previous anti-LGBTQ+ legislation passed by Florida Governor Ron Desantis, such as the Don't Say Gay bill and efforts to ban transgender care for youth, he is currently considering legislation that would make it illegal to take kids to drag shows. Desantis continues to receive opposition from the members of the LGBTQ+ community for these legislative actions, especially since they are taking place during pride month.

Arizona Anti-Transgender Legislation

The Arizona House passed two bills, both of which target the transgender community. One bill bans medical care for transgender youth, while the other prevents transgender students from participating in school sports. These bills have faced opposition from both the LGBTQ+ community and human rights activists as they are obviously discriminatory.


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