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Weekly News Roundup June 27th - July 3rd

Medina Dasayev - Teen Aspect - July 3rd, 2022
U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court Allows End to ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

On June 30th, the Supreme Court allowed President Biden to end Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” immigration policy in a vote of 5-4. This policy made it so that immigrants would have to return to Mexico to await their immigration hearings, often leaving them in unsafe conditions. Allowing for the end of one of Trump’s hardline policies was a win for Biden and a step towards a new direction in immigration policy in the United States.

Biden Calls to Codify Abortion Rights

Since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade case, which solidified abortion rights for women nationwide, it has seen great opposition, even from some lawmakers. While some states have made it clear that they will protect abortion rights, others quickly enacted strict anti-abortion laws. President Biden showed disappointment in the Supreme Court’s decision as well when he called to codify abortion rights. To codify abortion rights would mean to solidify them into federal law. However, this law has the best chances of passing if the Senate and House are controlled by democrats. While at this moment it is unsure whether there is a future for abortion rights, opposition from protestors and lawmakers shows that the fight for abortion rights is far from over.

Supreme Court Limits EPA

On June 30th, the Supreme Court ruled that the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, cannot regulate carbon emissions from United States power plants. This not only dealt a major blow to the Biden administration's climate action agenda, but also planted the question of how much of a role federal government can and will take in protecting the environment. According to the EPA, 25% of harmful emissions come from power plants, meaning that being unable to regulate such emissions causes a major setback in the action against climate change.

Florida Judge Block 15 -Week Abortion Ban

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, many states took quick action to restrict abortion, Florida being one of them. However, as stated by Florida judge, John C. Cooper, a law banning abortions after 15 weeks is unconstitutional under the state’s constitution. This law, supported by Governor Ron Desantis, can only be blocked for the meantime and it is unsure how long this can be blocked for. Desantis, a republican and anti-abortionist, has made it clear that he will continue this legal battle.


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