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Weekly News Roundup July 4th - July 10th

Medina Dasayev - Teen Aspect - July 10th, 2022
Crime scene after shooting in Highland Park (TNS)
Executive Order for Abortion Access

After the legislative actions regarding abortion over the past few weeks, President Biden has made it clear that he stands for abortion access. On June 8th, he signed an executive order to provide better access to abortion in states that restrict it and contraceptives. For example, this executive order includes actions such as setting up mobile abortion clinics near the borders of states that have laws against abortion and providing a pro bono lawyer to those seeking to cross state lines in order to get an abortion. The order also prompts a list of actions from the Department of Health and Human Services depicting how abortion medication and contraceptives will be protected. While this executive order does some job in protecting abortion rights, its reach is still very limited. Currently, the future of abortion is reliant on any laws that may be passed by Congress.

July 4th Shooting in Highland Park

Following the mass shootings that have taken place over the last months and the gun violence package passed by congress, gun violence continues to take place all over America. A recent shooting in Highland Park, Illinois occurred during a July 4th parade. The shooter, 21-year-old Robert Crimo III, shot and killed 7 people and wounded dozens others. It was shown that he was easily able to obtain access to guns and pass background checks despite his dangerous history involving death threats and weapons.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Resigns

On July 7th, the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced that he will be stepping down. Despite having a mass support group and a good beginning of his term, Johnson lost support from his own party and faced pressure to resign. This resignation was predated by the resignation of many cabinet members and ministers in Britain. Johnson stated that he will remain Prime Minister until there is someone new found to take over that role, something that could take months to do. Johnson continues to face scrutiny from his own Conservative Party.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Assassinated

On July 8th, the former Japanese Prime Minister was shot and killed at a campaign event. This came as a shock as Japan is a country where gun violence is at a low. He was rushed to the hospital and later died. This former Japanese leader was the longest serving prime minister of Japan.

Elon Musk Backs Out of Twitter Deal

Twitter and Elon Musk have had a $44 billion dollar buyout deal standing for the last couple months. However, after many delays, Musk confirmed that he will not be going through with the deal. In response to this, Twitter will bring on a legal fight against Musk. According to filings of the deal, Musk must pay a $1 billion dollar fee to break off the deal.

Elon Musk’s Reported Children With Employee

Elon Musk reportedly had children with one of his successful employees who worked on several major projects. This comes after reports of his sexual misconduct with a SpaceX flight attendant, questioning Musk’s professional behavior.


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