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Weekly News Roundup July 18th -July 25th

Medina Dasayev - Teen Aspect - July 25th, 2022
House Votes to Protect Same-Sex Marriage

After the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade and threats to other central stepping stone Supreme Court cases, anxiety has spiked about the future for minority groups. However, after same-sex marriage was threatened, the House of Representatives voted to pass the Respect for Marriage Act, 47 of those voting for marriage equality being Republicans. This Act would federally protect marriage equality and overturn the Defense of Marriage Act which defined marriage as strictly heterosexual and took away benefits of marriage from same-sex couples. This Act is still waiting on Senate approval in order to pass.

January 6th Hearings

The recent hearings, with many new witnesses and pieces of evidence, have had many new revelations about what happened on January 6th. On July 22nd, Trump’s ex-advisor, Steve Bannon, was convicted of contempt for defying a subpoena, thus obstructing the investigation into the January 6th attacks. There is still more information and evidence that will be looked over further into the hearings to uncover the truth.

British Heat Wave Brings About Climate Change Concerns

With the recent heat waves that have hit Britain, citizens are realizing that climate change is becoming more and more prevalent and affecting quality of life significantly. Scientists have pointed out that the heat waves are likely to affect not only the lives of the citizens, but also the infrastructure. With all these threats to their lives, British citizens have realized the significance of climate change today.


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