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Having recognized the failures of the aging political structure within the United States, the creation of Teen Aspect sets out to amplify the voices of the youth on matters of politics, economics, environment, and society. As such, Teen Aspect will set forth weekly articles ranging from current news events, argumentative research reports, and interviews with various political and societal influencers in order to further the academic understanding of the world around us.

63,000+ Words Published

7,400+ Post Views

86 Articles Published

10 Team Members

2 Interviews Published

46 Countries Reached


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John Spencer

"Thank you Teen Aspect for all you do, it matters."

 World leading expert on Urban Warfare, renowned author, chair of Urban Warfare Studies at the Madison Policy Forum, featured on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and more. 

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Ron Magill

"Keep doing what you are doing, thank you all."

Five time Emmy award winner, avid environmentalist, Nikon ambassador, featured on networks like National Geographic, the Discovery Networks, and the Today Show. 



Jayden D'Onofrio

Founder of Teen Aspect, Lead Opinion Writer

Exhausted with the recent catastrophes that plague the United States political system, 17-year-old Jayden D'Onofrio believes current day to be the most important times ever in recognizing the need for constant academic enhancement and political awareness. As a high school student, Jayden has a lengthy political background and found it necessary to create the Teen Aspect organization to further the goals of youth education and awareness. Fighting for stronger influence in the political sphere for Generation Z, Jayden is the Deputy Strategy Director for Voters of Tomorrow, staffer for the Charlie Crist campaign, and formerly involved with Florida Senate Minority Leader Lauren Book's election campaign, as well as Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz and Florida Senator Shevrin Jones' respective district offices.




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Kate Fraser

Head Editor, Opinion Writer

An active environmentalist, 17-year-old Kate Fraser has questioned the current state of American climate and environmental policy. In the midst of alarming climate science reports that grant humanity just a few years to act, she believes local education and innovative science-based reform are of utmost importance. Kate is an advanced high school student with a piqued interest in science and international political policy, an interest that has guided her to be an editor and writer for Teen Aspect.



Constance Pimentel

Opinion Writer

As a 17-year-old high school student, Constance Pimentel, is extremely aware of the many issues currently plaguing the world. An aspiring human rights attorney, Constance finds raising awareness on global issues a crucial part of fighting for human rights. By joining the Teen Aspect team, she hopes to educate others and raise involvement in modern politics.


Brooke Zwick

Opinion Writer

Witnessing today’s most pressing matters, 16-year-old Brooke Zwick, hopes to educate and inspire conversations with students. She seeks to recognize injustices within the medical field as well as advocate for those that are discriminated against in society. She is a high school student aspiring to one day be a physician and is interested in all things medical. Through Teen Aspect, Brooke aims to shed a light on the issues in both communities.


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Medina Dasayev

Head of News, News Writer

Through the current political climate, Medina Dasayev, a high school student, has grown an interest in helping youth use their voice in politics. She recognizes that this is especially important nowadays as more and more youth start to get involved in politics nationwide. As part of Teen Aspect, Medina hopes to be able to use her voice and inspire others to educate themselves and participate as well.



Madelyn Streisfeld

Opinion Writer

As a 17-year-old high school student, Madelyn Streisfeld absolutely loves nerding out over all things science & technology, and she sees a pressing need for the teens of today to comprehend innovation in order to make powerful strides in the future. She also greatly believes in promoting the intersectionality between STEM and writing. By joining the Teen Aspect team, she hopes to do so, while simultaneously educating others on how technological innovation affects our social and political landscapes today.



Cristian Carrillo

Opinion Writer

As a guiding philosophy inextricable to his advocacy, 17-year old Cristian Carrillo champions the belief that discourse and discussion is essential to advance our society. He believes above all else that no issue facing our world is too small or large to justify inaction, and that solutions can stem from meaningful deliberation. A high school student impassioned by all things STEM and international governance, Cristian hopes to shed light on the injustices being faced globally and advance efforts to resolve them.



Judith Boza

Opinion Writer

Law enthusiast, Judith Boza, has always fallen curious about the distinct ways legal institutions affect our society and our everyday living. With experience in Mock Trials and a deep passion for advocacy, Judith hopes to add a reinvigorating perspective to Teen Aspect as she creates awareness of the immense amount of influence legislation can have on our community. As she enters John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a major in Law & Society, Judith is set on expanding her knowledge about the American legal system while also giving her opinion on realms that have yet to be explored.



Emma Relyea

Opinion Writer

As someone who adores the intricacies of public policy, 17-year-old Emma Relyea views the voices of our youth as the key to enacting true change. Whether it’s through studying social policy, providing a voice to the voiceless, or fighting for a woman’s place in politics, Emma witnesses issues within our political systems daily. Forever an advocate of women’s rights, LBGTQ+ expression, and opportunities for minority groups, she sees Teen Aspect as an outlet to raise awareness and provide solutions to our most pressing problems.



Aliyah Sarmiento

Opinion Writer

Having grown up in Singapore, the Philippines, and the United States., 16-year-old Aliyah Sarmiento has developed a sense of wonder and appreciation for the multiple cultural groups that have surrounded her throughout her entire life. With a love for travel, different foods, and writing, through Teen Aspect, she hopes to shed light on the issues many marginalized and underrepresented culture groups face, while highlighting their unique traditions, beautiful languages, and rich history. Aliyah, an avid reader and learner, is an aspiring journalist and creative writer with a soft spot for music and cultural studies.



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